You’ve been dreaming of a coveted car for years, but why dream if you can drive it today? Lender Feugos Loan gives you the opportunity to buy a car without age and brand restrictions.

The payback period has been extended to 72 months

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Which can lower your monthly payment, which can be a useful option when buying a new car.

The process of receiving credit. You need to choose a car, the seller can be either a natural or legal person, fill out a loan application and a response will be given within 30 minutes. If the answer is affirmative and you are satisfied with the terms, you must sign a contract.


Fast and easy – these are fast loans for you to repay your loan

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Often people borrow money by pledging their belongings. However, there are credit companies that lend money without pledge, they are fast loans on the Internet. Quick credit will come in handy for young people who have nothing to pledge. Instant loans mean 10 to 15 minutes and you already have money in your bank account. But the easiest way is to borrow on the Internet. You need to compare lenders, choose the best deal and register on the lender’s website.

Importantly, for loans over EUR 5,000 for the duration of the loan, you must also have an active CASCO insurance policy. More information on the lender’s website. Most fast credit companies offer to borrow your first loan free of charge, without paying interest. Usually the first loan is for up to 200 euros.

There are many companies that offer the first loan free of charge. If you do not want to pay interest, then borrow each time with another lender. The maximum amount that can be borrowed as a fast loan without collateral is up to 1500 euros.