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“I am so happy for my bike … and all the money I save.” That way the song could have gone, there is a lot of money to spare if you choose the bike as your primary means of transport.

Let’s take an example where you normally take the bus four kilometers to your work every day. On a travel map, this trip costs about 12 dollars each way, which makes 24 kroner a day. You do this 5 days a week, which means that you pay around DKK 500 a month to get to work.

If you buy a bike for 2000 kroner, then this bike will have earned itself in just four months. This must be said to be an excellent investment.


Get advice on a bike through a quick loan or a cash credit

money cash

If you do not have the money for a bike right now and then, this should not be an obstacle for you, as there are other options.
For example, you can take out a loan here with us. If you think about the amount of money that you will save in the future, then it does not at all seem like a bad idea to take out a quick loan.

As long as you keep your payments, the investment will not be made worse by the fact that you borrow the money. After all, you can only pay off the money that you save each month, and by that you pretty much do not realize that you have taken out a loan.


What does a new bike cost?

What does a new bike cost?

In our example, we assumed that a new bike costs 2000 kroner. You can easily get a bike for this and you can also find bikes that are both cheaper and more expensive.

Quality and price are undeniably linked when you talk about bicycles, which is why you can very well consider how important high quality is to you. If you only have a few miles to work, you can probably settle for a slightly cheaper bike, but if you have to cycle far every day, you will probably thank yourself for sacrificing a little more money on a better bike.

With us you can take out a quick loan or a cash credit of up to DKK 10,000 *, no matter which bike you choose, you can afford it with our help

* Credit example of a $ 10,000 credit with Major Major fully maintained and redeemed after fourteen (14) months with a monthly benefit of $ 2,000: A credit of $ 10,000 has a setup fee of $ 2,000, an APR of 631.57% and a fixed interest rate of 382.15%. The total credit cost is DKK 18,000 and the total repayment amount is DKK 28,000.


The bike not only benefits your finances

money cash

We really want to help, and if you take out a loan with us to buy a bike, we are not only helping your future finances.

The bike will also benefit your health and our environment. It’s really healthy to cycle around, and it can help you prevent a lot of illnesses, often caused by an unhealthy lifestyle. In addition, a little extra exercise can also help raise your mood and thereby your quality of life.