Bicycle Loans

“I am so happy for my bike … and all the money I save.” That way the song could have gone, there is a lot of money to spare if you choose the bike as your primary means of transport. Let’s take an example where you normally take the bus four kilometers to your work […]

Cheap borrowing is possible

When you want to borrow money; preferably as cheaply as possible of course. We think that makes sense and we are happy to help you with that. Where can you borrow cheaply? We always look for the cheapest offer and the cheapest interest that we can offer you. And we do not charge costs for […]

Fixed Rate Or Variable Rate No Credit Housing

If you are thinking about making a credit you have probably already faced the dilemma between choosing a rate gets or a variable rate. Maybe you have a variable rate credit and think that it makes sense to switch to fixed rate. In this article, we’ll help you decide to get more comfort and financial […]

How the credit card does not become a debt trap.

   It is tempting to go shopping to your heart’s content, even if the account is currently empty. The bill when paying by credit card flutters finally later into the house, if once a month, the expenses are deducted. Especially with payment transactions on the Internet, the credit card is almost indispensable, but now accept […]

Loan Repayment – No matter When and How

If we take out a home loan, we have the opportunity to repay the money ahead of time. Especially in the case of non-fixed repayments, it is worth trying for this. However, there are cases where early repayment is not a good deal.   If we get more capital, we reduce our debt During a […]

Banks lobby for government corporate loan support

There is no news yet of government measures to boost corporate lending, promised in May, even though companies’ demand for credit is higher than banks are willing to provide. No significant progress has been made in facilitating bank lending He has been informed by bank executives requesting their names to be withheld. Initially, the government […]